I am an Australian Barrister of 23 years’ experience who loves surfing the Medewi lefts. It has turned out to be my favorite surf break of all time. I do not bother surfing in Australia these days as it is too cold in the Northern New South Wales water, too crowded and the waves compared to Medewi simply do not compare.

I am a practicing Barrister in NSW specialising in criminal law, estate matters, family provisional applications and family law property related cases. I also do the occasional building and unfair dismissal case or two. I have an office both at Medewi Manor and Lismore NSW and usually end up doing more work out of my Bali office than I do in my Lismore office. If you have a legal problem it would be a good idea for you to book a holiday at the same time I am here and I can assist you. You can always get in touch with me through the contact form below. My wife Sri and myself are usually in residence in our upstairs apartment at Medewi Manor for 8 weeks over the Christmas period and for a total of up to 2 months during the May | June and September | October period. Catch us if you can.

I was born in 1953 and I love my sport including; cricket, golf, squash, tennis, snow skiing and flying my GA registered LongEZ airplane. However surfing has always been my preferred sport. After a 30 year break from surfing I came to Bali and discovered Medewi, bought a house, added some guest rooms a great swimming pool and entertainment extras and returned to my favorite sport of all time, surfing.

While I was in Bali I met my lovely wife Sri and from there on my life took a turn for the best. Sri is a graduate in Human Resources from the University of Malang, East Java. I have never met a woman as similarly sports minded to myself as Sri who loves Boxing, Test Cricket, Rugby, Formula One, Tennis and now thankfully last of all Soccer.

My wife and I live in 2 countries, Lismore NSW Australia and Medewi Bali. I have three sons – Oliver, Fletcher and Mitchell – from a prior relationship. They are all now over 18 and getting on with their lives. My wife has one daughter Nadya from her first marriage who is turning 17 in 2018.

Our children visit from time to time but mostly it is Yani, Sri and I. We are all one big happily blended family who love spending time together. We are dedicated to providing our guests with a great experience of the Medewi region. 

Our ambition is to give Medewi Manor a personality. Medewi Manor is not your typical Bali Villa style establishment, with too many uniformed employees ready to pounce on you to the point of annoyance. This is not a “here’s your room there’s the swimming pool best of luck” sort of place. This is a meet our Indonesian | Australian family and friends and let’s all make sure you enjoy your holiday. Look around our website and you will see we offer far more extras than “the other guys”.

Without Yani, Medewi Manor would not be the place it is, he is a man of many talents who simply gets things organised and done. Yani is our driver, tour guide, Mr fix it, manager and foreman. Yani is extremely proficient in English and to top it off he is a really nice guy who is now one of my closest friends. Visit ‘Medewi Manor Bali Airbnb’ to read the 5 star reviews that got us to Super Host status. It is a reflection on just how indispensable Yani has been. He is loved and appreciated by all who visit or know the Medewi Manor family.

Below you will find a few snaps of Sri, myself our family and friends enjoying our time together in a variety of countries around the world. Sri and myself usually spend at least one month a year traveling to the Northern hemisphere. We are more than approachable with regard accruing guest points in exchange for Medewi Manor accommodation. Simply peruse the website and get a feel for Medewi and its surrounds. Be sure to take a look at the quality of accommodation and the variety of day trips available to then begin planning your next holiday in paradise.

Sri, Paul and Fletch

What was that!? Lost in the wilds of North Western Bali. 

The LongEZ

Paul loves flying. Both he and Sri grab any opportunity to do so.

Paul and Simon

On the way to collect Douglas from the Denpasar airport.


Pauls eldest son Oliver dreaming of Medewi on a wet Canadian day.

Paul and Sri

Enjoying a meal up at the local restaurant Warong Bagus.

Paul and Doug

Sharing a wealth of memories before returning to separate hemispheres.

Paul and Sri

Snapped by the Trevi Fountain which is a must when in Rome.

The Art Guy

Paul perusing a contemporary masterpiece at the Rijks museum.

Feel free to get in contact with me – Paul G Smart – at anytime for any matters relating to accommodation and or legal and I’ll get back to you directly. However if you just want to say hi; go for it, make my day. Music courtesy, Christopher Rude, Xerxes, Ombra Mai Fu, George Frideric Handel, 1738.