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How to use the Pizza Oven?

Medewi Manor has two Traditional Italian Pizza ovens that are fully insulated with rammed earth. Whilst the poolside oven is for the private use of guests in the Pool View Apartment. The Sky Lounge Oven is available to all of Medewi Manor’s guests. The design of the ovens has been copied from traditional ovens uncovered by archaeologists in Pompey after the eruption of Mt Vesuvius. This preserved them for later generations to copy and enjoy. For a small fee of $10 AUD (100,000Rp), Yani will find the wood and prepare the oven for you to cook your pizza. The Sky Lounge has a big screen installed where you can enjoy silent surf movies over dinner. We have a large selection of surf features however feel free to BYO visual entertainment on a thumb drive. To enjoy a pizza night you will need to bring – either from your home country or

from the Supermarkets near the airport (Kuta or Seminyak) – ingredients such as: salami, ham, anchovies, mozzarella cheese, tomato paste, fresh yeast, capsicum, onions, pineapple, olives and olive oil and anything else you would like on your pizza. You can buy capsicums, onions and pineapple locally. You can ask Yani to purchase anything you need. However you can also bring these items into the country. Just store the items in a freezer bag and declare them at the airport. The flour is easily accessible in our local area and is good enough to make great pizza dough. If you are a pizza fanatic bring your own 001 flour. When you buy the flour at the local store – Tepung – choose the whiter flour in the packet with pictures of cakes and biscuits on it.

Medewi Manor

Make sure you have put plenty of flour underneath your dough to stop it sticking to the granite bench top. Also be sure to apply flour onto the surface of the stainless steel pizza shovel. 

The pizza will be cooked in a matter of minutes and depending on your preparation, it is one of the most flavorsome, enjoyable poolside meals in Medewi. You may want to also bake some bread. 

Yani is only too happy to fire the oven and cook the pizza for you. He is now a veteran of many pizza nights.

Beer is available from Brown Sugar guest house directly out the side gate of Medewi Manor.

  • 5 cups of local flour: Tepung.
  • One sachet of fresh yeast.
  • One and a half cups of water (Total).
  • 6 desert spoons of Olive Oil. Better bring some Olive oil in case we have run out.
  • Pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar.

Pizza Dough Recipe

Add one sachet of yeast (1 x silver sachet), a pinch of salt and pinch of sugar to a half a cup of warm water. Stir well, place to one side and wait until the yeast explodes into life.

  • Rub 5 cups of flour through the strainer into a large mixing bowl.
  • When the yeast has risen to the top of the cup make a hole in the middle of the flour and pour in the half cup of water with the activated yeast. Then add one cup of water. The total amount of water used is one and a half cups of water including the water with the yeast in it. Next add 6 x desert spoons of good quality Virgin Olive Oil.
  • Mix with spoon until the liquid is gone then put the contents of the bowl to one side and sprinkle with flour.
  • Knead for approx. 3 minutes and make into a large ball. Place the ball of kneaded flour into a silver bowl and let it sit for approximately 45 – 60 minutes until the dough rises. Ideally the preferred method is to make it the night before and leave it sit in a warm place. That said 60 minutes is sufficient.
  • Re knead the risen dough one more time and cut the dough into 4 pieces. Next, roll each portion into small balls.
  • Presto 4 x medium sized balls of pizza dough. You can cheat and roll the balls of dough out using the roller for a thin and crispy effect or act like and Italian master and bash, pull, toss and shape up your pizza base.

Easy Pizza Sauce

Fry chopped onions and garlic in plenty of olive oil in a pot. Next add one small can of tomato paste, a medium jug of water, Italian herbs and spice mix and a heaped desert spoon of dark brown sugar.  Then add a desert spoon of honey and stir. Allow the mixture to simmer until ready. Best of luck making your pizza. If your pizza gets stuck on the granite counter and you cannot scoop it onto your pizza shovel, simply ask Yani to assist you.

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