When the swell arrives, Medewi Point is a 200 to 300 meter left point break. It breaks best in the 2 hour time period leading up to the high tide. At low tide the round rocks appear which can be a hazard. The tides work in 2 weekly cycles so a week where the tides are high in the morning is usually a good week when the swell surges. During the April to November period the swell and wave direction is fairly reliable. The waves usually blow out after 12 pm so the morning surf is the best option unless you don’t mind lumpy waves in the afternoon. All in all you are likely to get a good wave at the point on a high tide in the mornings.

In the week when the high tides are in the afternoon the on shore or across shore wind usually gets to the waves and surfing conditions can be average. In these weeks you can usually find a mid-tide wave out the front on Sumbul Beach. These waves can be great and they are within a 150 to 300 meter walk from Medewi Manor. Sumbul Beach is a good place to learn the basics of surfing. Alie is our recommended surf coach. Just ask Yani to arrange you a lesson on +62 8135-3263-220. Alternatively you can contact Alie directly on +62 8523-7159-668. Both Yani and Alie are available through WhatsApp.

If you are here solely for the surf we recommend booking a time when the high tide is in the morning from 7am to 11 am. You can take a look at the 2018 Bali tide charts and print them out from the Indo surf and lingo website here.

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The waves at both Medewi Point and Sumbul beach are not dangerous or tubing rides. There are practically no barrels and definitely no coral reefs here. The wave forms surprisingly slowly and then crumbles from the top picking up into a faster section from midway on. Basically it is cutback, cutback then go for it. This wave is perfect for the older guys. If you are a goofy footer Medewi is heaven on Earth.

If you are not a super fit surfer the best board to have is one that is not too short. A board between 7 to 8 foot with a bit of foam works best due to the waves being fat and not breaking as quickly as you expect. You need a bit of paddling speed to get onto the wave early. Don’t forget your booties as walking on the rocks – some of which are encrusted with barnacles – can cut your feet. The best place to paddle out is between 2 rocks at the far Southern corner boundary of Medewi Beach Cottages, just watch and copy the locals. Remember to paddle down toward the fishing village or the old Bamboo restaurant before attempting to get out of the surf or you are in for the barnacle rock hop.

I have placed Binoculars in the apartment for you to check the surf. There are many boards for hire at Medewi Point and I have a rack of approximately 8 surfboards ranging from 9 foot to 6 foot 6 inches with 3 boogie boards and flippers. I have 3 favorite boards that I do not let guests use but the rest are available on the condition that if they are damaged you need to be honest and let Yani know. He will arrange for the local guy to repair them which should be no more than $30 AUD or Rp 300,000. Yani’s phone number is +62 8135-3263-220. Don’t lose this number.

Medewi Point is a 5 minute scooter ride or drive away. If you wish to walk to the point – which is approximately 800 meters along the beach front and a short paddle across the river mouth – just ask Yani to leave the side gate open for you and you’ll be able to walk the 40 meters to the beach along a rice paddy wall. Medewi Manor is situated directly behind the beach.

If you’ve never surfed before and would like to learn how, Medewi Manor recommends our local surf instructor Alie, who will have you up and riding a wave in no time. Alie is a superb communicator, fluent in the English language and takes the time before hitting the water to run you through the basics. Preferring to begin on Sumbul beach where you can comfortably master the balance and control required to stand up on the board, he will also navigate you onto the waves, firstly at Sumbul beach and then if required at Medewi point. Often pushing you onto the waves Alie will also give you tips – post wave – on what to do in certain situations. After a few days with Alie’s expertise you should be good to go. You can contact Alie directly on +62 8523-7159-668 or simply ask Yani to arrange a lesson for you. Both Yani and Alie are also available through WhatsApp.

Alie also has the correct boards ready to learn on, which is an extremely important aspect to getting you up and going in the quickest time possible. If you are wanting to learn how to surf, we strongly recommend you bring along a rashie and booties. These are the very basic requirements you need if you intend to surf and leave the beach break to head over to Medewi Point where you’ll spend at least a couple of hours in the water. Just ask Yani to make contact with Alie to book in a time for your first lesson. Alternatively you can call Ali directly on +62 8523-7159-668.

Medewi Point

When the tide is right and the swell is surging, the point is the place to be.

Medewi Point

Breaking from top to bottom with a couple of sections, it’s a great wave.

Sumbul Beach

Just out front of Medewi Manor, Sumbul offers a great mid-tide wave.

Medewi Point

With faster sections and time for a couple of cutbacks, this wave is a sheer delight to surf.


Medewi Manor has 2 scooters available for hire with many more available in the local area.

Medewi Point

Although optional, we recommend you bring a pair of booties and a rashie for Medewi Point.

Medewi Point

Medewi Point can be an extremely friendly wave for all levels of surfing including beginners.

Sumbul Beach

Sumbul beach is a great place to learn the basics of surfing and orientate the skills required.


There are many local professional photographers at Medewi Point be sure to ask them for a look.