Where is Medewi Manor?

We are a two and a half-hour drive Denpasar airport well away from the madness of Kuta Legian Seminyak Ubud. We are 800 metres down the beach (20 minute walk along the beach) insight of Medewi Point which is famous for its 200 meter left-hand point break. The main visitors to the Medewi area are surfboard riders and their partners. This is not a tourist area with western restaurants and shops that cater to tourists. See directions to Medewi Manor below.

How do I get to Medewi Manor?

Yani (our manager) can arrange to have you picked you up from anywhere on the Island. Call Yani on 0813 53263220. This is the easiest way to get to Medewi Manor. First-timers often get lost as I did. If you are making your own way to Medewi Manor Google Maps will guide you if you search “Medewi Manor Surfers Heaven”.

How do I get to the Surf?

Medewi Point is a 5-minute scooter or car ride away. We have 3 guest scooters available but the Pool View and Ocean View Apartments get first use rights. One scooter per apartment works well. Please use only clean service station fuel in the scooters and leave them with a full tank. Medewi Manor is not situated directly on the beach, we are located behind Brown Sugar Surf Camp that caters mostly for German Learner Surfers. If you ask Yani to leave the side gate open for you can walk 50 metres to the beach along a rice paddy wall. There is a pair of binoculars in the apartment for you to check out the surf at the point which is approximately an 800-metre beach walk away.

Medewi Manor Surfboards


The rocks around Medewi point and the right hander have feet cutting barnacles you need surf booties. There is a rack of 8 or so surfboards available for guest use. A couple of the boards are reserved for private use and Yani will point you to which ones not to touch. The guest boards range from 9 foot Mal, 8 foot Mal, 3 or so 7’8” to 7’6” thrusters, 6’10” Hybrid and 6’6” MR Spit Fire thruster. If you damage one you must pay for the repair.

What is the main attraction at Medewi /Yehsumbul? SURFING, SURFING SURFING

Surfboard riding and enjoying the peace well away from the tourist madness of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Senur and Ubud etc. There are no tourist orientated shops, or multitude of western style restaurants here. There are no girlie bars, or night clubs. BYO alcohol because the only alcohol you can buy here is Bintang Beer.


if you do not ride a surfboard or boogie board or on the days when the surf is not so good (not often there is usually a ridable wave happening somewhere) you can dip in the forever warm swimming pool, laze around poolside or sky-lounge with a book, order a massage, work as a digital nomad with laptop, access our huge video library and catch up on all the movies and series you have missed, Xbox 360, play chess etc. We have some nice Hi Fi speakers hooked up to all the TV’s so the sound is good. Bring your own USB of music or Bluetooth playlist.

Are all the rooms Air Conditioned?
Yes all rooms are air conditioned. If the power suddenly stops this can be either a power out or a circuit board problem. Call Yani and he will come and show you how to fix the problem or check out the circuit breaker board outside the front door of the Pool View Apartment and re set the switches. Power outs do not last long.

Is there a computer / internet available?
We have unlimited Wi Fi that runs at up to 46mps. BYO Laptop, Ipad, etc be a digital nomad. There is a guest PC set up in the Pool View Apartment on the marble top business desk.

Were do I Eat?

Inexpensive but great places to eat

1. Nal’s Kitchen 500 metres
2. Warung Bagus (ask Yani how to get there)
3. Brown Sugar Surf Camp (right next door just a short walk along a rice paddy wall).

Where do I shop for food Supplies?

All of our apartments have kitchens microwaves and fridges. You can shop for the basics locally but if you want more western supermarket style food you need to buy that on
the way to Medewi Manor at Carfour or the Bintang supermarket at Seminyak. Other than that you can book a driver to take you shopping in Negara 30 minutes away.
You can buy fist from the local fishing village.

Should I drink the tap water: No No No

Drink Aqua brand water available in large plastic bottles.

Day Trips.

Ask Yani to arrange you a day trip driver and car to take you for a tour: EG: Hindu temple, Buffalo Races, Coral Snorkelling, Ubud Monkey Forest, Gold in Bedugal (expensive), Local Water fall.