Medewi Manor is a two and a half hour drive from Denpasar airport. We are well away from the madness of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Ubud. Medewi Manor is 800 meters down the beach – a 25 minute walk –  in sight of Medewi Point which is famous for its left hand point break.  In the main, visitors to Medewi Manor are families, couples, surfboard riders and friends. Below you will find a few maps showing you the route to and from Medewi Manor from the most common points of entry into Bali.

If you are coming directly from or leaving through the Ngurah Rai International or domestic airports simply let us know your flight details and Yani or Wawan will meet and greet you, collect your luggage and drive you to Medewi Manor and or to the airport.

If you’d like to explore the tourist areas around Bali’s south before traveling toward Medewi, you have the option of calling Yani on +62 813-5326-3220 and he will arrange for you to be collected and driven to Medewi Manor from anywhere on the Island. Yani is also contactable via the above number through WhatsApp. Of course both Yani and Wawan will also drive you to your desired destination from Medewi Manor.

Being chauffeured by Yani or Wawan is cost effective and the easiest way to get to or leave from Medewi Manor. First timers often get lost. None of the roads are sign posted and if you are new to the Balinese regencies it can be difficult and dangerous navigating the traffic.

The money changer in Seminyak near the Denpasar airport closes at around 11pm. However there are many ATM’S available for use. Yani or Wawan will either take you to our favourite money changer in Seminyak where you will get a fair deal, or simply drop into an ATM on the way out to Medewi Manor.

Yani is indispensable. Both he and Wawan are really nice guys and above all you can trust them implicitly. They are both extremely honest. On the way out to Medewi Manor they can take you to the supermarket, bank and or drop into a restaurant (warong) for a meal.

Below you will find a few maps of the region and the three main ports of entry. If anything they will familiarise you with the nine regencies that exist in the province of Bali. However, whilst you may like to find your own way out to Medewi Manor, we strongly recommend that you employ the services of Yani or Wawan before being overly adventurous on the Indonesian roads. The first map below is from and or to the Ngurah Rai International Airport.

If you are arriving from an alternate port of entry other than the three shown and or are already in Bali, please just call Yani on +62 813-5326-3220 and arrange the projected time and place to be collected.

Please don’t panic upon arrival. If you arrive at the Ngurah Rai International airport or the domestic airport, Gilimanuk or Padang Bai, we will locate you within minutes. If however it reassures you please feel free to call Yani before or when you do arrive.

If you are traveling from Java, Yani or Wawan will collect you from the Gilimanuk ferry from where you will be driven to Medewi Manor. They both speak excellent English and hold a comprehensive knowledge of the island. Make sure you pop Yani’s contact details into your phone before you arrive. You can view the map below.

To summarise: Stay calm upon arrival and have Yani’s phone number available +62 813-5326-3220. Yani will get you a good rate at a reputable money exchange. Lastly, consider dropping in to a Denpasar supermarket – before driving out to Medewi Manor – to pick up a few essentials.

Once you settle into Medewi Manor be sure to take a look at our recommended day trips and take advantage of a few of the guided tours that may appeal to you. If your driver is Wawan, you will be greeted at Medewi Manor by Yani who will settle you into your accommodation and organise anything you may want.

If your port of entry is from Lombok you will arrive at the Padang Bai ferry terminal. Once again both Yani or Wawan will collect you within minutes of your arrival. You can view the map below.