Where is Medewi Manor?

We are a two and a half hour drive from Denpasar airport well away from the madness of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Ubud. We are an 800 meter walk down the beach from Medewi Point which is famous for its left hand point break. The main visitors to the Medewi area are families, couples, surfboard riders and their partners. This is not a tourist area with Western restaurants and shops that cater for tourists. See directions to Medewi Manor below.

How do I get to Medewi Manor?

Yani can pick you up from anywhere on the Island. This is the easiest way to get to Medewi Manor. First timers often get lost as I did. None of the roads are sign posted and if you are new to Bali, well best of luck. It is simply easier to call Yani.

Call Yani on +62 8135 3263 220.

What is the vehicle Access to Medewi Manor like?

Medewi Manor is situated in the middle of a series of rice paddies set back from the beach. We own a 200 meter driveway – Medewi Manor Lane – however the government road to our laneway is not a well-groomed road. In fact it is currently a dirt and grass all-weather track for approximately 300 meters before you reach Medewi Manor Lane. We have put concrete strips in the places where you can have traction difficulties in the wet and every now then you can run across a friendly Indonesian in a truck or a motorbike parked in the middle of the laneway. Time runs slow in the Medewi | Yehsumbul area and no one is in a hurry to get out of your way: be patient.

How do I get to the Surf?

Medewi Point is a 5 minute scooter or car ride away. There is a pair of binoculars in the apartment for you to take a look at the surf at the point. Medewi Point is approximately an 800 meter walk along beach. Consider buying a Medewi board riders t-shirt from the local guys at Medewi Point as they care for the local beach environment.

There are many boards for hire at Medewi Point and I have a rack of approximately 8 surfboards ranging from 9 foot to 6 foot 6 and 3 boogie boards with flippers etc. You’ll need to pay for the fixing of the board if any damage is incurred. Yani will organise the local guy from Medewi point to fix them. It should be no more than $50 AUD or Rp 500,000. Yani’s phone number is 0813 53263220.

Medewi Manor is not situated directly on the beach. If you ask Yani to leave the side gate open you can walk the 40 meters to the beach along a rice paddy wall. This is not so advisable when the rice is near harvest as small snakes may be about. Below you will find a map to the Medewi Point break.

Is the surf reliable?

Medewi Point is a left point break that breaks best in the 2 hours leading up to the high tide. When the swell is up it is a 200 to 300 meter ride. At low tide the round rocks appear and can be a hazard. The tides work in 2 weekly cycles so a week where the tides are high in the morning is usually a good week when there will be a swell. During the April to November period the swell and wave direction is pretty reliable. The waves usually blow out after 12 pm so the morning surf is the best option unless you don’t mind lumpy waves in the afternoon. All in all you are likely to get a good wave at the point on a high tide in the morning.

In the week when the high tides are in the afternoon the on shore or across shore wind usually gets to the waves and surfing conditions can be average. In these weeks you can usually find a mid-tide wave out the front of Medewi Manor at Sumbul Beach. These waves can be great and they are within a 300 meter walking distance from Medewi Manor. Sumbul Beach is a good place to learn the basics of surfing. Ali is our recommended surf instructor. Just ask Yani to put you in touch with Ali. You can view snippets of his teaching technique on our Medewi Surf page.

Here is a link to the 2018 Bali Tide Charts.

What sort of waves can I expect?

These waves are not dangerous or tubing rides. There are no barrels or coral reefs here. The wave forms surprisingly slowly and then crumbles from the top down picking up into a faster section from midway on. Basically it is cutback, cutback then go for it. This wave is perfect for the older guys. If you are a goofy footer, Medewi is heaven on Earth.

If you are not a super fit surfer the best board to have is one that is not too short – between 7 and 8 foot – with a bit of foam in it because the waves are fat and do not break as quickly as you expect. You need a bit of paddling speed to get on them early. Don’t forget your booties as walking on the rocks can cut your feet. Remember to paddle down to the fishing village or the Bamboo restaurant before attempting to get out of the surf or you are in for the barnacle rock hop. The best place to paddle out is between 2 rocks at the far Southern corner boundary of Medewi Beach Cottages, just observe and copy the locals.

Air Conditioning?

Yes all rooms are air conditioned BUT do not to run the lounge room air conditioners at the same time as a bedroom air conditioner or you may flip the circuit breaker and cut your power. If this happens check the circuit board – outside the front door – and re-set the switches or phone Yani on the mobile phone provided or your personal device and he will come and show you how to fix the problem. We ask that you turn the air conditioners off when leaving for the beach and or another outing. It is fine to use both downstairs bedroom air conditioners at the same time at a recommended 21 degrees Celsius.

Computer | Internet?

Yes there is a personal computer set up in the apartment on an Indian marble topped business desk. It is best to hot spot your cell phone or the phone provided and tether it via USB to the computer. As we are not in residence all year round we have not yet hooked up a permanent Wi-Fi facility. Sorry about that, it will be happening one day very shortly. Medewi Manor provides a Samsung S3 that we offer as a house phone that can easily be used for tethering and or a hot spot. Yani will buy you phone credit and show you how to use it to convert the credit into a data package. Medewi has a 4G network.

Mobile Phones?

Purchase an Indonesian Telkomsel Sim Card – approximately $2 AUD – at the airport or anywhere along the drive out to Medewi Manor. Purchase at least $10 AUD (Rp 100,000) credit. Do not purchase a sim card from a provider other than Telecomsel. Alternatively Yani can sort this out for you. Make sure your phone is not locked to a service provider in your home country. On arrival if for some strange reason Yani is not waiting for you when you walk out of customs and immigration – this has never happened – call him immediately to establish contact…don’t panic! Yani: +62 8135 3263 220.

Who is my first contact?

You need to connect with Yani before or when you arrive in Medewi so that he can collect you and take you out to Medewi Manor. Yani will settle you in to your accommodation. His command of the English language is extremely good. However keep in mind that it is not a good idea to ask anyone else where Medewi Manor is as they probably do not know and Police sometimes look for a hand out. That said use our maps if you are traveling independently.

Yani is an extremely useful and a nice guy. You can trust him as he is extremely honest. He can pick you up from the airport. He can take you to the supermarket and a reputable money changer and organise a sim card and credit for your phone. Once you settle into Medewi Manor he can drive you to all the reputable restaurants. Yani will also take you on Day trips to where ever you may like to go and will drive you back to the airport in plenty of time to catch your departing flight. Airport drop offs and Day trips are sometimes contracted out to our local transport guys, however, Yani is always available to give you his expert advise. Medewi Manor likes to benefit the community with the business we bring to the area.

What do I do about Food Supplies?

We usually leave some basics in the cupboards like salt, pepper, local oil, flour, yeast, sugar and some spices etc. You are welcome to use them as we understand it is not convenient to buy everything you need to cook with.

It is best to stock up with food and alcohol in Kuta, Seminyak or on Sunset Road at one of the big supermarkets close to the Denpasar Airport. Yani will take you there. Thankfully Medewi | Yehsumbul is not a well-developed tourist area like Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Sanur and Ubud etc. There is still the rice paddy style fishing village culture here which is reminiscent of the Bali before tourism arrived.

In the Medewi | Yehsumbul area most western specialist foods are nearly impossible to obtain. The staple diet in the area is rice, fish, chicken and meals typical to Indonesia. The local red meat is not only of poor quality but is also hard to find. The major supermarkets near Denpasar Airport close around 9 pm so catch an early flight if at all possible. Remember it is cheap to eat out in Medewi and Yani will show you our favourite establishment, Warong Bagus, where the average cost per person for dinner will be around Rp 50,000 or $5 AUD (excluding Bintang). Take a look at our where to eat page for a selection of our favorite warongs in Medewi. You will also find a selection of maps.

The closest western style supermarket to Medewi | Yehsumbul is a 30 minute drive away in the town of Negara. The Negara supermarket is no-where near as well stocked in Western foods as the supermarkets in Kuta or Seminyak. Medewi and Yehsumbul have many roadside stalls with basic vegetables, however the fruits and vegetables tend to deteriorate in the sun by mid-day, so it is best to get there early.

Local Fish.

There is a local fishing village nearby where you can purchase the catch of the day. You can ride the scooter along the beach front to the fishing village which is near the river mouth at Medewi Point. You need to get to the fishing village between 10 am and 12 pm before the catch of the day is taken off to market.

When the swell is too big the fisherman do not go out so it is best to stock up and put some fish in the freezer. Yani is available to go down to the fishing village and purchase you some fish. Around 2 to 3kg of fish will cost you $10 AUD (Rp 100,000) and if you can speak Indonesian or are good at sign language or charades you can get the local lady to fillet the fish up for you. Look at the map below for directions to the fishing village.

What are the Locals like?

The Medewi | Yehsumbul area is a conservative Muslim area with small pockets of Hindu’s. There are no nightclubs or bars here. Surfers drink Bintang beer in the warongs at Medewi Point but as you leave the point the availability of alcohol dramatically decreases. Muslims are basically friendly, conservative and family orientated. They do not appreciate drunkenness, drinking alcohol to excess or sexual relations outside of marriage. Please refrain from approaching the local women.


Yani can arrange an in house massage with one of the best massage girls in our area for 100,000 Rp per hour. She works out in the gym to ensure she has the strength to go as hard as you can take. There are massage tents at Medewi Point that work at the same rate. Remember to behave yourself with the local and happily married massage women. Do not organise a massage in the privacy of a Medewi Manor bedroom. Keep it straightforward and use the lazy boys by the pool.

How private is Medewi Manor?

The downstairs apartment is very private. At present Medewi Manor is offering only one two bedroom guest apartment. My wife Sri and I are sometimes in residence in our own private upstairs apartment. We do not make our upstairs apartment available for guests. We are usually at Medewi Manor during the months of June and July, from mid-September to mid-October and then from mid-December until mid-February. I am a 63 year old Australian barrister who loves to surf, relax and eat great food.

Can I hire a scooter in Medewi?

Yes Medewi Manor has two scooters available for hire. Of course there are other scooters available for hire in the area. Just ask Yani to locate one for you. However always ride at your own risk. Indonesian traffic is hectic, unnerving, random and very unpredictable. It can take some getting used to. Be careful, be extremely careful and make sure your rear vision mirrors are well-adjusted. Always keep an eye on what is coming up behind you as getting hit from behind or by an overtaking car is the main cause of accidents.


If you do not ride a surfboard or boogie board or on the days when the surf is not so good – not often as there is usually a wave happening somewhere – you can take a dip in the swimming pool, laze around the poolside with a book or laptop, access our huge video library and catch up on all the movies and series you have missed in your ordinary day to day life. We have some nice Hi-Fi speakers hooked up to the TV so the sound is very good. Bring your own USB full of songs and or movies and plug it into the speakers.

Main attraction at Medewi?

Surfing…Medewi Point it is a short straight ride along the main road to the turn off. Alternately you can ride or walk along the beach to the fishing village and paddle out from there. Take a look at the maps above for detailed directions to Medewi Point and or the fishing village. Enjoy Bali well away from the tourist madness of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Senur and Ubud and relax. There are no tourist orientated shops and only one western style restaurant. We also provide day trips and transportation throughout the island.

Do I need a Motor Scooter or Driver’s License?

Make sure that you obtain an International Driver’s License before leaving your country of origin. Most travel insurance policies have a condition that if you are not licensed to ride a motor bike in your own country and you do not have an international driving permit you are not covered. Always wear a helmet if you are driving on the main road or Police will pull you over. Police often pull over cars and motorbikes to do registration and license checks. You do not want to be in a position of offering a policeman $10 AUD (RP 100,000) to let you go and forget your indiscretion. There is always the distinct possibility that the Police Officer may be one of the few who do not accept the concept of paying your fine immediately to make your problem go away. It is best just to do the right thing by the laws of the country and carry your home country motor bike | vehicle license and a current International Driver’s License under the bike seat ready to produce if you are called upon to do so.

Where do I change my money?

The money changer in Seminyak near the Denpasar airport closes at around 11pm. It is best to arrive in Bali in enough time to get to a reputable money changer. Yani will take you to our favourite money exchange in Seminyak where you will get a fair deal. Do not change your money at the airport – unless you arrive on a late flight and you have no choice – or you will get an average at best exchange rate.

Should I drink the tap water?

Definitely NO NO NO. Never drink tap water anywhere in Bali or Indonesia. There are over 250 million people in Indonesia and water pollution is a problem. There will be a large plastic bottle of “AQUA” water on the kitchen bench. That is for drinking. The tap water is filtered bore water and is drawn from a water table that can sometimes be slightly smelly. When you run out of drinking water call Yani and he will drop more off for you as you require it. If you purchase water yourself do not buy any brand of water other than “AQUA”.